Saturday, May 24, 2014

How To Make Designer High-Heel Shoes - Video Tutorial!!

Hi friends!!

I have been waiting for this class for a while now!!  One thing I felt Craftsy needed was a designer shoe class!!! - and now it's here and by none other than the amazing Elisa Strauss!!!!

If you've wanted to learn some fun tips and tricks to making your own gumpaste shoes this is the class for you.  PLUS...I have a DISCOUNT for you!!!  Click HERE for $10 off this Craftsy Class!!

You don't need a heel kit because she shows you how to do everything by hand which makes it SO cost effective!!
Check out these shoes!!!!!!!!!!  SO many options!!!

Look at the chain detail!!  Amazing.  And I love the stamp effect for the label.  SO fun!

So, if you've been wanting to make an edible fashionista shoe for your loved one, this is the class for you!!  Click HERE for the discount and to watch the preview of what you'll learn in this class!!

Have fun shoe shopping!!! :)

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  1. I just cannot believe my eyes!
    Those are CAKE!