Monday, April 28, 2014

Moroccan Cake + A Wafer Paper Flower Tutorial

Hi sweet friends!!

I have a treat for you today!! 

TWO tutorials!!!  Yippie!!
It's been so fun to get back to creating cakes for fun and sharing the how-tos behind them! fun!

I've hooked up with Australian Cake Decorating Network for part of this cake.  They asked if I'd contribute a flower tutorial for the latest edition that just hit the web yesterday!  

It's a FREE, after you check out this post, you NEED to click HERE to check out this beautiful issue with TONS of flowers and tutorials and interviews by the famous Faye Cahill!!  

There is SO much to check out in this magazine...
 ...including this wafer paper flower tutorial by me!!  Teehee! ;)

I'm not sharing it here since they've got it beautifully laid out over there...enjoy looking at all the beautiful cakes and flowers while you're searching for mine!! :)  Again, click HERE to see it!!

For today's post, I get to bring you the tutorial on how to create this beautiful, elegant, timeless Moroccan design.  All you need is a little cutter and some simple household supplies!! - no expensive onlay mats here!!

It's super simple and only requires a few things!!

Modeling chocolate or fondant + a 4" tall cake covered in 1/8" fondant covering
Moroccan Cutter by Not Just Cakes by Annie  (If it's out of stock, stay tuned to her Facebook page for the next sale...then be ready because they go quick!)
Wax paper or cellophane
Shortening (Crisco, Sweetex or even butter if you don't have those around)
50/50 Corn Syrup and water mix
Small Paint Brush
Lined college ruled paper from your kid's notebook! :)

 Here we go!! - step by step!!

Step 1: Cut out a whole bunch of moroccan pieces from modeling chocolate (or fondant) that's rolled 1/16" or so.  You want your designs to be as thin as possible because it just looks so much better and keeps the design from looking too "heavy"...and being too heavy! :)  Lay them out and make sure you have enough.  Also, decide how you want the tiles to lay out and if you want a full one at the top, or a half one...etc.

Now we are going to create a big sticker using the wax paper transfer method I came up with a few years ago.  This technique is so fabulous because you can pretty much create any graphic on a cake simply and easily and apply it on your cake precisely and perfectly!!!  If you want more information on how I get my cakes so precise, check out my foundational online Craftsy class "Clean & Simple Cake Design".   It's over 4 hours of precise instruction on how you can create flawless cakes in less time...from making your own fondant and modeling chocolate, to crumb coating round and square cakes to covering round and square cakes with fondant and achieve those sharp edges.  It's 50% off HERE.  Sorry for the shameless plug but it's an amazing class that I'm super proud!!  - and it's truly changing people's cake journeys!! :)

OK...back to the tutorial! :)

Step 2: Grab a sheet of 8.5"x11" college ruled paper (or draw 1/4" wide lines on plain paper) and cut it as wide as your cake is tall.  My cake after fondant was 4-1/8", so my paper was 11.5" wide x 4-1/8" tall...keep the stripes vertical...FYI! :)  Tape the paper to your counter and lay a sheet of wax paper over that, lining up the side edge of the wax paper (which is the straight edge) with the bottom edge of the lined paper...which will now be the bottom edge of your cake...and tape that down too.  Grease the wax paper lightly with shortening (like Crisco or Sweetex) or even butter if you can't find lard/shortening.

Step 3: Begin laying out your pattern on the wax paper lining up the tips of the moroccan pattern with the lines in order to keep things nice and vertical.  The college paper rocked for this cutter because as you can see in the picture below, to get the spacing I really liked (which is pretty tight), one vertical row lined up with a blue line and the vertical row next to it had the top/bottom tips right in the middle of a blue lined row.  I hope that makes sense.  Just keep your spacing the matter what! :) - so everything is super even.

*NOTE: Make sure you are laying your pieces right side DOWN.  The backs will be facing up...towards you.  So, put the pretty cut side down on the greased paper.

Step 4: Continue laying out your pattern.  I chose to place the bottom row first and have the tips touching the bottom of my template and worked up from there.  If I would have laid out the pattern first, I would have added a cake board or two to the bottom of my cake to make it a 1/4" taller so the top row of Moroccan patterns would not need to be cut.  Lesson learned!! :) - For this design, plan for a 4-1/2" overall height cake...FYI.
Step 5: Once you have the panel filled in (it won't go all the way around your in panels even smaller than this one if you're more comfortable), take a straight edge and cut the Moroccan pieces flush with the top/bottom of your paper.

Step 6: Grab a bowl and mix 50/50 corn syrup and water (or you can use simple syrup, piping gel, Tylose glue, etc) and brush the back of your designs to make them sticky.  Don't use too much or they'll squeeze out when you place them on your cake.

Step 7: This is my favorite part...always!!!  Un-tape  the wax paper and check out your big sticker!!! :)

Step 8: Turn the sticker around so the bottom of the sticker is lined up with the bottom of the cake and tilt it up and wrap it around your cake keeping the bottom of the sticker on your table/counter right at the bottom of the cake.  This makes sure your pattern will go on straight!!  

It's really hard to do this wrap job AND take, use both hands!! :) - don't take pictures! :)

Step 9:  Once you get it all the way around, use your hands or a straight edge and press the design onto your cake to make sure each piece adheres to the cake.  You can leave it sit a minute or two if you want.  

Step 10: Begin slowly peeling your sticker away and Voila!!! - a beautiful Moroccan pattern!!!  At this point use a brush or a tissue or your fingers to rub out the shortening and adjust any small pieces that may have moved.

Sooooo fun!!! :)

In case you're wondering, I got the subtle shade variations on the cake shown here because I used my marshmallow fondant for covering the cake (which has a slight warm tint to it), then white modeling chocolate for the designs (made with Wilton's super white candy melts).'s a beautiful, subtle effect!!

Again for the wafer paper flower tutorial, head over to the free E-magazine with the Australian Cake Decorating Network!! :)  

Thanks for looking!!!  I hope you give it a whirl and use it on your next cake project!!!



  1. This might be my favorite cake of all time, Jess! It's SO refined!!!!! Absolute perfection!! I like your cake stand + backdrop + lighting for your photos, too! It's all so, so gooooood!!! :0)

  2. I love how you just used plain notebook paper to line everything up so neatly. Has anyone told you that you're a genius yet today?! I am always so in awe of your work!

  3. I don't have counter space large enough.

  4. Love this. Thank you :)

  5. This looks really interesting and I'd like to see the tutorial in the magazine, but every time I try to download it, it just freezes on the page with their logo and says "loading". I tried going through their facebook page, too, and same problem. Is there another way to access the free e-magazine?

    1. Try sending them a FB message....they might have another way to access it. I wish you luck!!!

  6. wonderful cake and great tutorial!!thank you very much for sharing!!
    vahiné island

  7. Thank you for sharing, Jessica!

  8. When I saw the words "Moroccan Cake," my eyes popped out and I thought, "Ooh, what's THAT?"
    Love it. Your step-by-step pics are so interesting. I doubt I have a smidge of your talent, but maybe some day I'll have the guts to try!
    BTW - I have the cutest Mom's Day giveaway coming up. I'm going to publish the post tonight!

  9. Jessica, Thanks for beautiful cake tutorial. Regarding the cutter, the website you purchased... I went to that website many times in last few days and also previous few months back, she never had anything in stock... always out of stock... do you anything about this issue? Thanks

    1. Yes! She makes the cutters herself and sells out super fast. She's going to have these specific cutters on sale around May 2nd I think. Stay tuned to her Facebook page for details. Best wishes!

  10. This is absolutely one of the prettiest cakes ever! So simple and lovely :)

  11. This is such a beautiful cake, what a great job you did! I was looking forward to seeing the flowers and your peices in the emag but it says " Joomag - You don't have access to this magazine!" :(

  12. Hi Jessica
    Thank you so much
    I like your idea of wafer flowers on cake its really awesome