Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Camping Tent Baby Shower Cake and Tutorial

Hi friends!
I'm so happy I get to share with you my latest cake and a quick little tutorial!!

The secretary at my son's school...aka: the glue that holds our school having a baby in a few weeks and some of the parents/teachers threw her a baby shower.  It was a camping theme'd shower with tents, cut up logs to hold the food and a faux camping fire in the middle of the chairs!!  

It was soo cute!!
 The ladies asked if I'd make a small cake with a tent on it and gave me total design control.  It was a busy weekend so I knew I wanted to do something fun, but keep it simple so I started looking for ideas!!

Lesley with Royal Bakery has the most incredible camping cake EVER and has done these amazing waves on several of her cakes.  So, I thought I'd give it a go!!  Here's her cake...perfection don't you think!!!!???  So, this was the total inspiration for my cake!!  Thanks Lesley!! :)

I made the cute little tent out of rice crispy treats, coated it with ganache and covered it in modeling chocolate.  I even rolled up little windows for the sides! :)  My 3 year old decided she wanted to "help" mom by "re-designing" the front of the tent by touching the top corner of the tent and pushing on it!  OH silly girl!! - that's why mama isn't making many cakes anymore!! :)  So, enter repair mode!
I've got a few tips and tricks in my latest Craftsy Class that shows how to get rice crispy treats super smooth for a great, smooth final finish!!  You can use them in soooo many situations and they can be made to be incredibly stable for sculpting!  I have a whole lesson on it!! :)  Here's a 50% off link (click HERE) if you plan to incorporate rice crispy treats in your cakes.
I just love these little waves of color/design!  Like little hills in the country and a beautiful blue sky on a summer day!!  Sooo sweet!!  I used straight modeling chocolate...but that wasn't the best choice.  If I do it again, I'd suggest mixing in 50/50 fondant so you get some elasticity and so the waves can stretch out a bit.  Without the fondant, the modeling chocolate wanted to tear a bit at the top where I was trying to bend it out from the cake.  So...50/50 would have been perfect!!!  Lesson learned if I do the waves again.

In case you follow me on Facebook, this is the cake where I spelled the name wrong!!!  It was so funny because I wrote it/carved it into the modeling chocolate, then stood back and thought, that doesn't look right, but couldn't find the invitation (hello I have dozens of emails from her I could have looked there) but thought, "oh well!" and cleaned up everything and put it away!! - serious mommy brain!  What was I thinking!??

So, right when I finished cleaning up everything (and you know how long that can take) I found the invitation...and WRONG!!!  Oh boy!  I just need to trust my instincts...always!! :)  The next morning before the shower I brought out the modeling chocolate and cut out a piece that would fit over the other sign, scribed it out and applied it.  Done!!

Now for the tutorial!!!

It's pretty simple.  I wanted to do some pretty trees, but with just texture...and something quick!  The weekend I was working on this cake was beautiful and I wanted to play with my family!  So, I whipped out my Wilton #21 icing tip and formed a ball of green modeling chocolate to look like a tree.  I then started poking the modeling chocolate tons of times to give it this prickly texture.  It took just a few minutes and I loved the simple texture/look it gave the trees!!  I did the trees in two colors then made some bushes to go around the trees in the lighter color.  Again, all the decorations were modeling chocolate.

So cute!!!

This texture can also work for grass, sheep or anything you need a wooly texture.  Simple and easy!!
For the trees on the sides of the cake I formed the modeling chocolate the same way you see in the tutorial pics above, but let it sit for 10 min or so, then took a sharp knife and cut the trees in half.  Then I textured them the same way.  I attached the trees to the sides of the cake with some sugar water.

I hope you all enjoy your week!!  Thanks for stopping by!!!



  1. Hello Jessica,
    this is such an awesome cake, I'm totally in love :)
    And thank you for the short tree tutorial, such a great idea.
    Greetings from Germany,


  2. That is just adorable and I love the trees. Gorgeous little cake

  3. adorable! Amazing job, as usual :)

  4. Jessica you have some of the sweetest, cleanest and nicely detailed cakes that I have seen. Lesley is a great talent as well. Your faith, positivity and creativity are very inspiring.

  5. Oi Jessica
    Você tem ideias maravilhosas!
    Amo seu trabalho! <3

  6. Love it, great layering of the icing. I think this is a great idea! :) x

  7. Both are just so cute. I love the camping theme.

  8. This cake is gorgeous! Do you have a tutorial for the waves?

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations!

    1. No tutorial for the waves...they are just randomly cut waves. After I cut a long rectangle the height I wanted the next layer of waves, I cut the top of the rectangle in a wave pattern that was random and put it on the cake! :) Simple! :)

  9. Quick question--when you mix modeling chocolate with fondant, can you still smooth out seams with the heat of your finger as you displayed in your crafts class? Thanks!

    1. Yes you can! The more modeling chocolate the easier it is, but it still works with a little in there too. Blessings!! :)