Thursday, March 7, 2013

How to make 3-D cake topper people?!

Have you seen those amazing little pregnant ladies or little babies on top of cakes!!?  I have...and every time I see one I think, "Oh, that is SO cool but if I tried it, they would NOT look like that!"  LOL!

Well, it's because I haven't known how to do it!!  

And, that just changed!!  

Anne Heap from Pink Cake Box...the "mastress" (if that's even a word) in creating 3D people on her cakes, just came out with a Craftsy class to show how to do it!!

I know a few of you have sent me emails or commented that you'd love to know how to do these, so I had to share!!  AND, I happen to have a 25% off link to get you into the class!!  Yippie! - the perks of working with Craftsy!! - it'll save you $10!  

Click HERE for the link!!

Now, go make some toppers for your next cake! :)


  1. Hi Jessica - thanks for posting about our new class! I'm looking forward to taking yours as well!

  2. Absolutely! :) I've always LOVED your sweet little toppers!!! Thanks for saying hi!