Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Craftsy Class Cake Design #3: Vintage Silhouette Cake

Since my hot air balloon cake, I've been dying to use this stripe effect again!

I love these vintage style stripes I'm seeing in so many places right now!  I know it looks intimidating to put on a cake, but it's SO easy!! - I promise!  I can roll, cut and apply this design in less than 30 minutes!!  I give you the templates and show you step by step how to pull it off during my Craftsy Class!  It's very very simple!! - and now my class is 50% off here on my blog!! :)  Yippie!!!
I love the portrait!!  

It's such a cute way to personalize a cake!  I had so many sweet pictures that I wanted to use there...like this little girl blowing bubbles or a little cowboy on a rocking horse! - oh, can you imagine a pink cake with gray stripes for the little girl or a blue cake with gray stripes for the little boy!?!!?!  
OH, if only I had more time...I'd make it!! - but, maybe you can! :) - just send me pictures!!

And here she is on the set at Craftsy!! 

To take this class and learn all the how-tos and to get the templates for this cake, click HERE and head on over! - a 3 hour class for only $20!!  It'll change your cake decorating life...I promise!  :)

Thanks for looking! :) - and make sure to post pictures on the platform at Craftsy so we can all enjoy your creations!! :)



  1. Silhouettes are such a great styling idea! So charming...especially if they're vintage. :-)

  2. I did the little girl blowing bubbles for my daughters 2nd Bubbles Birthday Party as an outfit and for her cake. I love silhouettes x (if I knew how to attach the photos I would)