Sunday, March 3, 2013

Craftsy Class Cake Design #2: Ruffles and Stripes

 Hello pretty stripes and ruffles!!

I love this cake!  It's so sassy and graphic! - my style to a "T"!  Carrie with The Cake Blog did a fabulous write up on this cake!!  Thanks Carrie!!  You can see it here!!

This is the second cake I created for my Craftsy Class!!  This cake showcases how to create a horizontal design on a cake using the wax paper transfer method.  You can use this method to do horizontal straight stripes or chevron stripes!  You can do wavy stripes, stacked stripes, bold thick stripes or bands.  It's an incredible way to keep your horizontal designs NICE and straight!

The striped cake might look familiar (seen here).  Although this cute striped cake works great on it's own, I've been playing with other designs that work with it too in case you have a larger party!  I love this look!  Bold, yet feminine!

And, then there are these beautiful ruffles!  A stylized look to ruffles.  I wanted something bold to go with the stripes.  A frilly ruffle wouldn't look quite right unless the color of the top stripes was more subtle and neutral.

 I decided to alternate the ruffles with a lighter and darker shade of pink.  It's very subtle, which I love because it looks like the light is reflecting it differently...but, it's different shades of color.  Something you can play with!  

In the class I give you the templates and techniques to create these ruffles and the graphic bow that's up on the top tier.  If you haven't checked out my Craftsy class, click here and head on over! :)

Thanks for looking!!  I can't wait to see what you all create!!


  1. Such a lovely cake! Didn't notice the subtle variation in the pink of the ruffles till you mentioned it. Sweet touch!

  2. Beautiful Cake


    Creative Raisins

  3. I love this cake!! I spent five minutes staring at the alternating pinks, just to be sure I was seeing it right.

    I adore the precision of your cakes, Jess!

  4. We were looking for a pink design for a customer of ours...this is to die for. Great cake...

  5. PINK is sooooo MY colour! lol This cake is just gorgeous. I'm planning on making the top tier striped cake for my birthday next month (all depends when baby #4 arrives).

  6. Jessica,

    Can you tell me again where to get the scalloped edge cutter?

    Thanks, Patricia!

    1. It's the FMM cutter called "Straight Frills". I'm not sure what number but Amazon and Global Sugar Art has them! :)