Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to make a horizontal stripe cake

Well, here it is!  How sweet is this pretty little cake! :)

I've been wanting to do this design on a three tier cake where the top and bottom tier has this design and the middle tier is a smaller, perhaps 2" high cake, in the turquoise color.  OH, that would be soo cool!!  But, alas...I'm homeschooling! :) So, it's just a one tier! - but still very stunning none the less!!

If you'd like info on how to create this sweet little cake using my wax paper transfer technique, see this post HERE for more information!!


How to make a chevron cake

I love love love graphics!!  
The only problem is some graphics are almost impossible to create on a cake!! - until now!! ;)

I have seen this offset chevron design only once on a pillow.  I LOVED how unique it was.  Chevron...but with a twist!  Now, how do you put this on a cake and get all the diagonals even, straight and offset??  With my fondant transfer technique that I invented!!

If you'd like to know how to make this cake and my signature flower, it's all in my new Craftsy Class, "Clean and Simple Cake Design".  You can click HERE for more information!