Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cake Recipe Converter - The CakeOmeter

I just found the coolest conversion calculator!  It's called "The CakeOmeter"!
You can use it to convert recipes!  Let's say you have a recipe for an 8" cake, but you need to bake a 10" cake.  What do you do???  You click on The CakeOmeter!  

You simply type in the ingredients, what size cake pan the recipe is intended for, then what size cake tin you want to bake in and it converts your recipe for you!!  
No worries...no calculators...no brain freezes...no head aches!!  

I had to share!  I've just been making stuff up and putting it in the converter for fun...yes...it's after midnight and I should be in bed! - but it's SO stink'n cool!!

Click here for The CakeOmeter! :) - and have fun converting!