Monday, October 10, 2011

Fun new stuff...coming soooon! :)

Hi bloggers!!!
I have some super secret insider information for you all...some exciting news I just got the approval to share!! Wanna hear it??? :)

Cake Central is going to be completely re-making their website after the New Year...sometime around the first of the year. It's going to be set up to support videos and will become a HUGE database of tutorials, how-tos, videos, blogs, etc etc etc!!! It's going to be a one-stop shop for everything cake decorating and will trump anything youtube has going on!!

A few of you out there have requested several more tutorial videos from me showing the techniques I use to put on horizontal designs, how to fill a cake, how to frost a cake with the Aussie method and more. I'm soo sorry I've kept you waiting...that was never my intention! But, I can assure you, the wait is almost over! :)

Cake Central has asked me to take part in the new video section of their website. I'm going to be shooting 8-9 videos in which I'll be showing some of the techniques I mentioned above as well as some other secret stuff I can't tell you about now!! ;) It's so fun, very exciting and will hopefully help lots of you newbies out there make even more beautiful cakes!! I'm just so happy to be able to help more people than I could have reached from this little it'll be on Cake Central! Praise Jesus! :) :) Yippie! :)

So, be looking for the new face of Cake Central during the first part of next year. I'll post some links when everything goes live. Thanks for hang'n in there with me! I can't wait to show you what I've been working on.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's that time of year... stock up on BLACK Wilton candy melts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish I knew why Wilton only produces black candy melts ONE time a year!! I LOVE using modeling chocolate for most of my decorations and it's always such a process to make black modeling chocolate or black fondant!! SO, this is the time of year (and only this time of year) when you go down to your local Micheal's or Joann's and stock up on your black melts!!! Don't forget!! Pick up several bags so you have plenty throughout the year!!!

A really important note:
These bags are different sized than the regular bags!! - only 10oz (not 14 oz)! SO, you have to use a different ratio of corn syrup when making modeling chocolate with the black bags. You want to use just less than 2 oz. (1.9 oz) per 10 oz bag. SO, don't forget!! :)

If you weigh out 14 oz (like a typical bag), you'll use 2.3 oz of corn syrup.

Happy shopping!! :)