Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cake Templates

I've been asked what kind of template or program I use to create my cake sketches. I simply print out some templates I created in my AutoCAD and use those to trace new cake designs right over the top...usually using my sliding glass door to help see the sheet below! :) So, I'm sharing with you my templates. If you need different heights, then just use the cake template below, but only draw it up half way for 2"h cakes, or double it for 8"h cakes! Each cake tier is 4" high.

Round Cakes

Square Cakes

Click on one of the links above and download the templates for your own use! Happy drawing!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Where do you find inspiration?

There is inspiration everywhere! Pretty much anything can be made into a creative can you be?? There is probably something sitting on your desk, on your table, on your dresser right now that can be used as inspiration for your next cake!

I was asked to help with an article in the past issue of Cake Central magazine. The article was about how I'm inspired by everyday objects in my own home. So, I grabbed five objects I have around my home (that I've always thought had great cake details) and created five sketches for cakes that I could create using those objects as inspiration. These pics, sketches and write up can be found in the Oct/Nov issue of Cake Central magazine. They gave me five pages! - It was sweet!

So, be inspired by the things around your house and come up with your own cakes!

My favorite clock - I've always loved the border

A girlfriend gave me this lotion for my b-day. I love the curvy stripe effect! I love the colors - black white yellow!

An invitation to one of my girlfriend's baby showers. Paper designs are a fun place to start when looking for inspiration!!

This is my new baby's quilt. I thought the geometric pattern would be cool on a cake. You'd need some time and some cutters! - you couldn't cut all those out by, mini geometric cutters would be a must! I also love the dark pink/light pink pattern below it...would be a great pattern for a cake too! :)

Get inspired and create new, fun cakes that are unique and personal to you!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Modeling Chocolate Rose Tutorial

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I know I am! We started going to church on Saturday nights! Kind of weird in the beginning but now it's crazy how nice and relaxing our Sundays are...truly a day of rest and play! Love it! :)

This morning my kids and I got out the home made play-doh and started to make some flowers and all sorts of fun things. I decided to whip out some modeling chocolate I had left over from my last cake to make some of my ribbon roses. My daughter was so excited! - she got right next to me with her play-doh and made some of her own (see they're easy to make)! It was pretty little cake maker in the making! :)

Since I've had several requests for how I made the flowers on top of the Holt Gala cake, I thought I'd give you all a simple tutorial - especially since it was as easy as grabbing my camera during our play-doh play time! :) They are a cross between a ribbon rose and an actual rose...and the best part is they are SUPER easy to make!! So, here are the steps to make your own modeling chocolate rose - Jessicakes style! :)

1. Roll out your modeling chocolate to 1/16" thick. Cut out two circles for each flower you want to make. The size of the circle cutter will effect the finished size of the flower. For this demonstration I used a 3" circle cutter. Cut each circle in half.
2/3. Holding one half of the circle with your left hand, pinch the rounded edge with your right thumb and pointer finger so it thins that edge out and ruffles it a bit.
4. Make a few and let them sit on the counter so they don't get too soft

5/6. Begin at one tip, start loosely rolling the half-circle up along the rounded edge.
7. Place the flower just below the top rounded edge of the next half circle.
8. Wrap both corners over like you're wrapping it up in a blanket. Now use your finger and slightly brush the top edges of the flower out a bit to open the flower up before adding more circles.

9. Add another half-circle. Place the flower just below the top rounded edge of the next half circle.
10. Wrap it up like a blanket
11. See how edges are close to the center of the flower, almost standing straight up? - use your finger tip to brush/pull them out slightly to open the petals up - see image 12.

That's it! :) Add as many half circles as you want in order to get the size flower you want. Again, the size of the circle cutter you use will effect the size of the have fun playing with your circle cutters!

It's so's my daughter making her own play-doh version! :)
Happy flower making!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A great ganache tutorial

I found a few videos (via cake central) on how to make ganache, apply it to a cake and get smoooooth sides. I thought I'd pass them on to all of you! My smoothest cakes have been ganache cakes. I LOVE ganache! It gives you a firm, stable surface to apply more buldges! And it tastes FABULOUS! Remember, the smoother the crumb coat, the smoother your fondant will look!!
Check these out...I hope they help you!

Make ganache

Apply ganache/crumb coat
*Note: I have and use a straight edge tool like she does and it really helps! You can also use the upside down frosting technique too...that's my fav technique to getting sharp top corners!

Getting smooth sharp edges