Monday, November 29, 2010

Cupcake wrapper mystery - SOLVED!

Has this ever happened to you???
You bake a batch of cupcakes and maybe some of them turn out great (left side) and some look crazy weird (right side) because the wrapper comes right off as it cools!!!?? It's happened randomly and I've never been able to figure out why it does it sometimes, and not others...well, today was the day Detective Jessica solved the case!!!

I'm trying out a new recipe where I use my vanilla cupcake recipe and add a can of apple pie filling to it. Whallah, apple pie cupcakes (and wow are they ever good!)! By the way I'm planning on filling them/topping them with some caramel and then vanilla buttercream for caramel apple cupcakes!! :) Anyhoo, back to my findings...I filled up two 12 cupcake tins and put them both in the oven side by side. Then, commence nursing my babe! - when the timer went off, I put the babe down and quickly took the cupcakes out of the oven (because I pricked one and they were done) and set them on the counter because the little one was obviously not done and required mama to come back and finish her breakfast! :) :) By the time I finished with the little princess, this is what I tray worth totally fine and the other tray worth, all the wrappers peeled right off. SAME recipe, bake time, cupcake liners, etc.

Now, what I've noticed in the past is that the baking tray with the ones where the wrappers peeled off usually requires another 2 minutes in the oven because that pan is more insulated and the cupcakes baking in that pan always require a bit longer in the oven. Well, I spaced that given the mushy mommy brain I have and the fact my little one was screaming her head off! :) But, it actually worked out well...because I realized that the cupcake on the right was a bit under baked. They taste amazing and are fine, totally edible, but they really needed another 2 minutes in the oven!! They are super moist and squishy on the inside...hence why it didn't hold its height and sunk in a bit...causing the wrappers to peel off. Mystery solved...when cupcakes are barely undercooked (especially when making a moist recipe), the moisture and the shrinking causes the wrappers to peeeeel right off!!!

I hope that helps everyone out there!! I know it excites me to have this mystery solved!!! Now, what to do with 12 cupcakes with no wrappers...maybe I'll make some tall cupcakes for fun! :) YUM! :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My latest creation...our sweet little girl!

If you've wondered where I have been, here she is...
Harper Joy Harris was born almost three weeks ago!! We are loving this sweet little girl God has so graciously blessed us with! Life with three little ones is crazy busy, so I'm not sure how cakes and desserts fit into the mix, but hang in there and hopefully I'll be back at it soon!

And here they all are!! My three beauties!
Praise the Lord for all He has given us!! We are so blessed!!