Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Cake Central Magazine Publication

"Then and Now"
That is what the title of the article was. I was sent a picture of a cake from a 1940s wedding and was asked to "modernize it". I could hardly see the details in the looked like someone threw up on it in buttercream! :) But I could see there was some kind of a pattern in the buttercream. Also, I noticed all the to love ferns! So, I decided to use a modern fern idea for the main design and accent it with a smaller, continuous pattern like in the buttercream. Here is what I came up with and what they published...

And here is the lovely picture they sent me for inspiration! :)
Because of the time frame involved and that they only gave me a week to finish the project, I decided to do a "cupcake tower" type wedding cake. So, I designed a smaller cutting cake with the cupcakes that would go on a cupcake tower. I didn't have the time to make all the cupcakes or get the tower, it was the idea that mattered. The black and the silver details were hand painted and the green was fondant cut out in a modern fern design. I ended up using it for my mom's birthday...not very "birthday-ish" but she didn't care! :) It tasted yummy! This was the gluten free cake I had made in a previous post.

That's it for now. There is still one more publication out there. I made some sweet little cupcakes for a vintage shoot for Cake Central...super fun and nothing that you've ever seen before! :) Stay tuned for next months issue! - and of course I'll post pics after the magazine comes out.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dr. Seuss Hat

Happy Birthday Gabby!

A great friend of mine and long time work associate's daughter turned 3 today! I had done her second birthday cake last year (the tea pot cake) and Darin asked me if I'd do her third birthday cake this year. After he told me what the theme was and what they wanted me to make I was so excited...I love Dr. Seuss and thought a Dr. Seuss hat would be so fun to make! Then I got prego and wasn't sure I could do it...but being in my second trimester I have much more energy and feel less inclined to barf! :) So, I stuck with it and am thankful...Dr. Seuss was a good reason to come back to the cake world after a 3+ month break!
This cake had 6 - 6" layers of vanilla butter cake with Butterfinger buttercream and chocolate favorite combo these days! I had in mind to air brush the red on so that there wouldn't be any attached stripes to create a relief...I wanted everything to be flat and cartoonish. Well, the airbrush "system" (my preval sprayer) I used last night was horrible and left splatters I ended up having to hand paint it. And therefore the clean, graphic, cartoonish look went out the window. It ended up looking more like a ceramic Dr. Seuss hat than a cake! Especially if you looked really showed all the imperfections in the fondant. But, there was nothing I could do. I didn't have red fondant to cover it and do the white, I just went with it! My husband really liked how it turned out so that helped...he said it just looked "so fun!" So, I guess that's good! And, it was for a good friend who I hope didn't mind either! :)
Lots of lessons learned on this one...but what do you expect...I was a little rusty after being out of the cake world for a while!!
All in all though, it was a fun cake and I was happy to do it! Thanks Darin!! And Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Stay tuned for another post in the next day or two...I have a picture from the next publication of Cake Central. My "Then and Now" contribution to last months magazine! :)