Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New News...

I am so sorry I've been slacking in the cake world and blog-o-sphere!! The week I was working on my Latin Lady cake, we found out we are preggers with baby #3! Hence why my back was hurting at the end of that week when I tweaked it...I couldn't take any pain meds, muscle relaxers, etc! Anyhow...we are so excited and blessed to welcome another little one into our family! The only really really weird side effect of this pregnancy though has been that the thought of making a cake or even a batch of fondant makes me feel soooo queezy...almost like I want to throw up! It has been the weirdest thing I could have imagined! I used to spend so much time (literally everyday) reading, practicing, playing with different cake techniques. But the past month or so I haven't read a cake book, a forum, or a cake blog! I needed to finish a project for Cake Central over Spring Break and I literally waited until the very last second to do it because I couldn't muster the energy, stomach or desire to do it. Now, if any of you know me, this is SO weird!! I've actually enjoyed taking the break, but I'm just not sure how long this "break" is going to take!! So, you can check back here once in a while, but for now, I have no plans to do a cake for a while. My son is turning 3 in June, so I'll probably muster up the desire for that and I have a prior commitment for another around 4th of July, so those are the only two I plan on doing for a while. SO sorry about that, but I guess desires change for a reason...hopefully it'll be a fun break for me, but not a long one! :)
Thanks for following me...and being patient! :)

Oh, and I will post the two projects I did for Cake Central in another month when the issue comes out. So, I'll be on and off again for a while. Blessings to everyone!