Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Princess Dress Form Cake

Happy Birthday to my amazing daughter!! She turned 5 yesterday...I can hardly believe it! She wanted a princess dress cake, so that's what she got! I wanted something a little different than the traditional barbie doll princess cakes, so I went for a 18th century inspired dress form cake...on a pedestal! :)
There was more detail I wanted to include, but literally ran out of time! I found myself finishing to this point and jumping in the shower with 40 min. until guests arrived for the party! :) I had intended to trim some of the borders (where the ruffles met the pink parts) with gold, but all in all, was very pleased with how the cake came out! Thanks to my mother-in-laws help...otherwise, it would be without even more detail! My "manana" as I call her helped me with some of the ruffles and then did all the flowers on the swags. LOVE YOU NANA!

Here are a few details. The cake was vanilla butter cake with Butterfinger buttercream filling and crumb coated in chocolate ganache. I ended up using a pound of ganache on the 9" round cake because I made my cardboard base too big and had to ganache to the edge! Silly me...I won't do that next time...will make it only 1/8" or so larger than the cake...not 1/4"! The torso part was hand molded from modeling chocolate.
Here are the cakes crumb coated with ganache before I covered them in fondant.

I used some "hardware" this time too since I wanted the dress to appear on a stand, floating above the cake. So, here's what the inside structure looked like.

And, the best pic of and my little princess!! Oh I love her so much and praise the Lord everyday that I get to be her mom! I love you Raquelle!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sea monster make over

Is the sea monster gone? :)
Remember my last post of the sea monster?? I changed up the scallops by making them one ribbon like piece and then aligned them together instead of off-setting them. Plus I made the ribbon black instead of white...for some contrast. I think this works better! :) Although it gives me more ideas for other cakes! :)
Thanks for looking! :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

One-eyed sea monster?

When a design goes wrong...this is what it looks like! :) According to my dad, "a one-eyed sea monster!"

My mom and dad were visiting today and I had that naked cake sitting in the fridge. So, during nap time I got it out and my mom and I sat together and played "cake girls"! It was so fun. This is the design I had drawn up and we thought it was so cute. Then my dad came over and said, "It looks like a one-eyed sea monster!" and I was like, "OH! - he's right!" :) LOL!! We all got a good laugh out of it. I guess I know what technique to use if I ever need scales! I was trying to get this subtle ruffle/scalloped look but should have used the ball-tool to flatten/ruffle the edges of all the circles to make it more ruffly, lighter and more fabric-like!
Then later my mom said, "It looks like a 40s flapper dress!" So, I don't know what you see, but it obviously looks different for everyone! :) I think tomorrow I'll try making the white band black to break it up a bit and hopefully take the "one-eyed sea monster" out of the equation!
This is one of the flowers I've been working on. I love it's simplicity and hope to use it in the future for other cakes. I haven't seen it used on cakes really...maybe a subtle version. I actually got the idea from it off all the talented etsy website with these amazing crafters who make such cool fabric flowers.

I might post the cake again tomorrow if I have time to play with it anymore. So, that way you can all tell me if I salvaged it into something a bit more vintage...and less like a sea monster! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A few fun things

I have been neglecting the blog lately...sorry friends! :) I've actually had a few secret projects I've been working on for a new magazine coming out and I can't publish any of my work until a month after the issue is on the shelves! :) I've been doing stuff...I just can't show you yet! :)

Cake Central is a huge website with a couple hundred thousand members. They include a vast variety of cake professionals and hobbyists who post pics, write in forums, read articles, etc. I have so enjoyed having this resource and have learned so much for some of the people on that website! Anyhoo, Jackie (the founder of Cake Central) asked me a month ago to help her with a little inspiration project that involved cupcakes. Then this past month the President, Leanne, emailed and asked me to help with a wedding cake project. So, I've had SUCH a fun time being creative!! Although each project had a due date of only a WEEK, I was still able to pull them off. And, hopefully the readers will enjoy them! :) Stay tuned for pics in the middle of March for the cupcakes and the middle of April for the wedding cake project...
or better yet, buy the magazine! :)

It was my mom's b-day last weekend and she has a special diet that includes no flour and VERY little dairy. This past wedding cake project for CC was due at the same time, so I combined the two and made her a wedding cake/b-day cake! :) She didn't mind...she loved it anyway! - and the design could have gone b-day too I guess. :) I made the Orange-Almond cake from the new Planet Cake book put out by the famous Planet Cake in Australia. It's a dairy/flour free cake made with ground almonds and whole oranges. It was very good and nice and moist! I made it with chocolate ganache. My mom was ecstatic and took the rest to church on Sunday. Here is an inside pic of the back so you can't see the design...I took off the decorations, it won't give away anything! :)
Yes, I need to work on my torting skills! :) Not all the layers were even...but it still tasted goooood! :)

Today I've been working on another cake design - for fun! :) I have so many ideas and drawings in my sketch book and have a few projects coming up that involves frills and fringe and ruffles, so I'm going to practise on this cake tomorrow. But I had to post a naked picture of this cake I covered in fondant's my BEST fondant job ever and I'm so excited! :) :) Fun techniques and lots of practise...I feel like I'm getting better every time. Especially for a taller cake. This is a brownie cake with buttercream filling, ganache filling and a buttercream crumb coat. This is 6" round and 6" tall.
It was smooooth!! I used the upside down frosting technique and then covered the outside in fondant after it had refridgerated over night.

I guess that's it! I have my little girl's 5th b-day coming up in a week and a half (I'm doing a generic princess dress form cake) and then my husband's auction cake (a 2' tall Latin dress form cake) in two and a half, lots coming up!! Stay tuned!